The Nightlife Clerks x N8BM present: De Nachttafel (special ADE edition)

  • 21 oktober 2019

In collaboration with the Amsterdam Night Mayor Foundation (N8BM), The Nightlife Clerks hosted a special edition of the roundtable discussion called ‘De Nachttafel’ during Amsterdam Dance Event (ADE) this year. This roundtable discussion took place in the aftermath of the landmark decision of the European Court of Justice (CJEU) in the ongoing legal battle on sound sampling between the legendary Kraftwerk and two German hip-hop producers, Moses Pelham and Martin Haas. Following a special panel as part of the ADE Conference nightlife lawyer Bjorn Schipper invited both German lawyers involved in this case to discuss the outcome and the implications of this CJEU decision for the music industry when it comes to sound sampling. Hermann Lindhorst (Schlarmann Von Geyso, Hamburg) is representing Kraftwerk and Udo Kornmeier (Schalast, Frankfurt) is representing Martin Haas cs. Moderator Bjorn Schipper (Schipper Legal, Amsterdam) did lead the roundtable discussion.

Watch the video here.


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